About Tip-Top Biocontrol


Tip Top Bio-Control is a family owned business with our headquarters located in Ventura County, California.

Tip Top has been in business since 1986, providing customers with many different varieties of insects. Our facility in Ventura County is operated on a 125-acre produce farm. Our main indoor building is 10,000 square feet with 2 environmentally controlled cells. We have numerous other buildings where we rear various species of insects. We supply a wide variety of organic fertilizers. We produce many different varieties of insects and what we do not produce we either distribute for, or CO-OP with other insectaries.

Our claim to fame over the years has been our everlasting supply of Ladybugs. We are a permitted collector of Hippodamia convergens (Ladybugs). We supply many distributors, retail garden shops, large organic growers, garden enthusiasts, city municipalities, museums, interior-scape companies, catalog sales companies and everything in between with most of their beneficial insect needs.


Our Motto

Good Bugs vs. Bad Bugs

"As mother nature had intended, Good bugs will Rule over Bad bugs"

Our Commitment

"A Company That Cares for the Environment"

Our commitment is obvious from the recycle / re-use programs that we implement internally, the re-use of shipping boxes and packing material to the use of recycled building materials used around our facility. Our entire staff is extremely conscientious of our "Mother Earth".

Our Roots

Entomologists are people who study insects. For many years Entomologists have known of many types of insects that are beneficial to man and the environment. Tip Top Bio-Control uses this knowledge and experience to offer you a wide variety of beneficial insects. We want to help the end user to achieve biological control (Good Bugs vs. Bad Bugs).

Why use Bugs instead of Chemicals?

Chemicals have been the most widely used form of pest control since the late 30's. Most people have been successfully taught by insecticide advertising to fear and hate all insects. With the ever-increasing concern of the environment, increased resistance by pests to chemicals and the rising costs of chemicals the use of beneficial insects is on the rise! Consumer purchasing of natural pest control has increased more than 300% since 1989. People concerned with their environment, families with children, people sensitive to chemicals, and people with health problems especially welcome this alternative to chemicals. The idea of biological control has been around for many centuries. The United States has only been using biological control for about a century. Tip Top Bio-Control wants to be your partner to see Integrated Pest Management (IPM), the use of alternatives to chemicals, become the standard for pest control in the future.

More about Beneficial Insects

Beneficial insects are generally divided into two categories; parasites and predators. The Ladybug is an example of a predator, it consumes bad bugs such as aphids, immature whiteflies, spider mites and many other soft-bodied insect pests. An example of a parasite is the Fly parasite, which uses the pest (in this case the Filth fly) as the host or vehicle to reproduce. The parasites lay their eggs in or around the host pest, which kills the pest and provides a food source for the future offspring of the parasite.

Beneficial insects attack your pest problem by reducing the number of pests to below damaging levels. So, instead of using harmful insecticides, try creating a complete line of defense the Natural Way!